Day 21 Dornoch to John O'Groats....via Duncansby Head

I was determined to go the extra mile - well extra 4 miles to be precise - to reach the very north-eastern tip of Scotland, 2 miles east of John O'Groats - however non of team Olympianist were aware of my intentions so were waiting anxiously by the official LEJOG sign by the sea front in the town centre, fearing a last-minute puncture, mechanical glitch, or even a lunge into a ditch!

Day 20 Nairn to Dornoch

Posted by: Anthony

Penultimate day! Feeling full of anticipation and excitement after the 2nd last day, but also awaiting the inevitable nostalgia for life off the bike - I shall miss our beautiful country lanes.

Day 19 Boat of Garten to Nairn

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

A respite from the miles today and it felt like a holiday in the utterly glorious weather. We opted for a more leisurely approach (albeit in attitude not necessarily speed!) and plotted an indirect route that took us past spectacular scenery including he Lochindorb.

Day 18 Pitlochry to Boat of Garten

Posted by: Anthony

The Mediterranean-like azure skies remained for the Highlands today - the land of the brave, Picts, Scots and Celts - and of my savage brother, who joins me for the last four days! Seriously, he's a real fighter in the best sense of the word, and with little training he seems to be keeping up with my pace over long stretches.

Day 17 Dundee to Pitlochry

Posted by: Anthony

A 'broken chord' on the drive shaft of the BeethoVan meant my 'roadies' had to divert back to Perth for emergency repairs. The Mercedes Benz garage in Perth (Scotland not Australia) came up trumps and rushed through a major repair in a few hours (ironically sourcing the spare part from Dundee where we had just been). BeethoVan arrived at the venue just in the nick of time to offload the piano for my foyer concert at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre - a cultural gem on the foothills of the Highlands. At first the audience were just a few, sipping pre-theatre drinks and then for a while there were just two who had come especially to hear me - and they benefited from a private concert. The crowds later gathered before the show and in the interval resulting in donations of £250! It's becoming clear that the British are a mighty charitable bunch! The scenery is becoming more and more spectacular and with the arid weather the scent from the pine trees is so strong you could be duped into believing you are in the Rockies!

Going Forth to Tay! It's not every day you cycle over two of Britain's great engineering marvels - the Forth and Tay Bridges, but to Tay we did, from the Forth on the 24th!

Day 15 Kelso to Edinburgh

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Week 3! Can't believe I have cycled for two weeks already. Today was a short 41mile ride to Edinburgh - such a beautiful city with the castle and Royal Mile tapering down to the Mound where we had a BeethoVan concert. Had to usurp the bagpipe player and I am not sure who's side the tourists were on, but he was glad of an extended lunch break and time to tune his pipes.

Day 14 Dumfries to Kelso

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Another glorious day as I set off for an 80mile ride. Who said it always rains in Scotland?! Today's route took me through some of the remotest territory in the UK, up to the exquisite Eskdalemuir and then a long descent through coniferous forests which afforded me cool shade from the dazzling sunshine.

Day 13 Keswick to Dumfries

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Lucky no. 13 as I awoke to this most tranquil and exquisite of lakescapes which bode well for the day ahead. I definitely am a fair weather cyclist and the sun really lifted my spirits. Skiddaw looms over everything within its reaches and seems to jut up towards the sky - a real giant of a mountain!

My favourite day so far as finally a tail-wind and some sunny weather! I have had so many days of headwinds that I take it as a matter of course that's its blowing from wherever I am going!