Day 1 Land's End to Truro

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

The Olympianist tour is finally underway and it was fabulous to be out on the road. Land's End was barely visible in the mist but the upside was the strong tailwind gave me a flying start and I reached my destination in 3 hrs! The first venue was Penair School and great to be recognised on arrival by some of the kids with 'there's the Olympianist'!

I gave them a talk and demonstration on the harmonic structure of Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 1 and then it was back to BeethoVan to practise for the evening concert! We had a good turnout with lots of young people in the audience wearing Olympianist T- shirts. I ended the programme with the first piece of Schumann Carnaval which will be uploaded soon. Next stop Calstock and a 30mph tailwind is forecast so it's time to get the sails up and give the legs a rest!