Day 2 Truro to Calstock

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

A puncture = unpunctual. An Olympuncture just short of my destination made 20km feel a long way and left me feeling a bit flat! My best laid preparations were ruined by a valve breaking - next time I'll take a spare!

However every inner tube has a silver lining and I met two locals who tried to help me out, one of whom kindly donated a fiver to my charities!



It was all worth it in the end though as my spirit felt inflated again during the concert with the festive atmosphere and informal cabaret style seating of the Old Chapel, the enormous windows that looked over into Devon and onto the river Tamar. Such was the friendliness of my audience that I decided to ad lib the programme - this was an unplanned diversion that was much more satisfying than a flat tyre!