Day 10 Manchester to Clitheroe

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

The official halfway point but as I have to cycle further to fit in venues, for me it's only 537 of 1250 miles! Was grateful to be joined by Gramophone editor Martin Cullingford today as we ventured into the heart of the north.

Only 30 miles but paradoxically a rest and a massage left my legs feeling wobblier! Arrived in Clitheroe to a lovely reception at the castle gates with the local paparazzi affording us some attention from passers by! This was definitely one of the friendliest places we have visited where Laura, a true Lancashire lass, fixed us up with scones at the venue! Great crowd - the concert Clitheroe Concerts Society have gone to get lengths to publicise it. I am becoming more and more amazed at the extent of people's enthusiasm for my tour. Thanks to the good folk of Clitheroe!

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The official halfway point