Day 13 Keswick to Dumfries

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Lucky no. 13 as I awoke to this most tranquil and exquisite of lakescapes which bode well for the day ahead. I definitely am a fair weather cyclist and the sun really lifted my spirits. Skiddaw looms over everything within its reaches and seems to jut up towards the sky - a real giant of a mountain!

I climbed up to my highest point so far at 1200ft and was rewarded with a descent into Carlisle that saw we clocking almost 50mph!! Still within the speed limit. Next up was the Scottish border and the last and first house in Scotland. No time on this occasion for a quick marriage! I met two cyclists at the border and one came to my concert - bringing in new people to classical concerts all the way. The prestigious Dumfries Music Society laid out their best wares in hiring a Steinway D for the concert which I enjoyed enormously, as well as their warm hospitality. Played Steve Goss's 'Piano Cycle' again - how amazing it is to commission a piece and for it to be all your own on a tour! Tail winds and sun forecast again for tomorrow as I cycle through the Glens towards the north star.

Thank you so much to everyone who has generously donated so far. I have raised almost £7000 already - that's £10 per mile I have cycled, and  if we can keep this ratio going, by the time I reach John O'Groats we'll be up to £13,000! Oh and I much prefer pedalling to peddling :)