Day 14 Dumfries to Kelso

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Another glorious day as I set off for an 80mile ride. Who said it always rains in Scotland?! Today's route took me through some of the remotest territory in the UK, up to the exquisite Eskdalemuir and then a long descent through coniferous forests which afforded me cool shade from the dazzling sunshine.

I barely saw a trace of human life for over an hour - I also lost GPS signal as the towering mountains caused interference - this caused consternation for mission control (Barnaby) when I effectively went to the dark side of the moon for 90mins! I did befriend a lonesome horse who checked out my bike but turned down an offer to join me as he  preferred the 'Chevalier' brand to my Canondale.

I arrived in the pretty town of Kelso which is endowed with an abbey, castle, and many tall-steepled churches, and it struck me the unknown beauties that lies in corners of the UK: best kept secrets that avoid the marketing mechanisms that bigger towns can afford. Kelso Music Club's season features some high-profile artists, so I am glad I had one of my best nights for this discerning but highly appreciative audience!

Week 3 starts tomorrow and an exciting day ahead in Edinburgh.