Day 15 Kelso to Edinburgh

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Week 3! Can't believe I have cycled for two weeks already. Today was a short 41mile ride to Edinburgh - such a beautiful city with the castle and Royal Mile tapering down to the Mound where we had a BeethoVan concert. Had to usurp the bagpipe player and I am not sure who's side the tourists were on, but he was glad of an extended lunch break and time to tune his pipes.

I offered to accompany him in a bit of piano and bagpipe improv - the Bagpipe Sonata maybe - but keys restricted to B flat so Hammerklavier arranged for Piano and Bagpipe was discussed. The audience sitting on the steps outside the National Gallery were surprised yet enthusiastic at my presence, and although I didn't cycle and play in a kilt, I did convince them that my half Scottish background gave me a hereditary right to the spot I occupied - the McBeethoVan maybe?!

On to Dundee today weather still glorious.