Day 16 Edinburgh to Dundee - A Tayle of Two Bridges

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Going Forth to Tay! It's not every day you cycle over two of Britain's great engineering marvels - the Forth and Tay Bridges, but to Tay we did, from the Forth on the 24th!

The weather was once again kind to us, and the mist that enveloped the coast line and drifted up to the bridges proved not a chilling nuisance, but a visual spectacle. The bridges cater for cyclists with a wide cycling lane on the Forth, and a VIP fast track lane in the central reservation (protected by barriers!) on the Tay bridge. It felt a little like crossing into another country, and on the Tay the mist obscured my destination to give the journey an eerie quality.

I performed at Dundee Chamber Music Society who usually only host chamber groups but who accommodated me for my tour. Dundee is an odd place, a mixture of dilapidated old buildings, buildings in ruin and rubble that remind you of war zones, but also charming, characterful town houses and gentrified streets. The Marryat hall is a jewel amongst the architectural misfits, the acoustic was beautiful, the audience knowledgeable and appreciative.