Day 17 Dundee to Pitlochry

Posted by: Anthony

A 'broken chord' on the drive shaft of the BeethoVan meant my 'roadies' had to divert back to Perth for emergency repairs. The Mercedes Benz garage in Perth (Scotland not Australia) came up trumps and rushed through a major repair in a few hours (ironically sourcing the spare part from Dundee where we had just been). BeethoVan arrived at the venue just in the nick of time to offload the piano for my foyer concert at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre - a cultural gem on the foothills of the Highlands. At first the audience were just a few, sipping pre-theatre drinks and then for a while there were just two who had come especially to hear me - and they benefited from a private concert. The crowds later gathered before the show and in the interval resulting in donations of £250! It's becoming clear that the British are a mighty charitable bunch! The scenery is becoming more and more spectacular and with the arid weather the scent from the pine trees is so strong you could be duped into believing you are in the Rockies!