Day 19 Boat of Garten to Nairn

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

A respite from the miles today and it felt like a holiday in the utterly glorious weather. We opted for a more leisurely approach (albeit in attitude not necessarily speed!) and plotted an indirect route that took us past spectacular scenery including he Lochindorb.

Cycling doesn't seem a big enough challenge any more, so I decided to swim part of the way - and also try a bit of synchronised triathlon with my brother! The water was the perfect temperature and awash with minerals giving it a soft texture similar to the Japanese hot springs - definitely soothed the muscles. Next stop was Cawdor (in middle earth!) via Dulsie bridge where a local was jumping 25 metres into the river - his accent was so strong that I mistakenly thought he was Norwegian at first. Mind you he made no mistake in thinking this 'toad' in lycra was a foreigner and would soon need a passport to get into Scotland! The most delicious lunch in the Cawdor Tavern sitting outside in the sunshine and life really couldn't be better.

This was my 5th visit to the seaside town of Nairn just east of Inverness and I enjoyed playing on the very fine Steinway B of Nairn Music. I have been blessed with 8 consecutive days of sunshine in Scotland but the winds have shifted to the east now and the temperatures have halved. Probably better for cycling but I'll miss those friendly, blue skies and the wind will be in our face again - not to worry, just two days to go and nothing will phase us now!