The hills today were beasts, going up to 600 feet from sea level continuously for 40miles. Got there just on time and ate about 16 sandwiches.

Day 3 Calstock to Exeter

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Was joined by 2 cycling friends from Twickenham Club as well as a guy called Tony! Really enjoyed the company, the cafe on the Tor as well as the stunning views over Dartmoor.

Day 2 Truro to Calstock

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

A puncture = unpunctual. An Olympuncture just short of my destination made 20km feel a long way and left me feeling a bit flat! My best laid preparations were ruined by a valve breaking - next time I'll take a spare!

Day 1 Land's End to Truro

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

The Olympianist tour is finally underway and it was fabulous to be out on the road. Land's End was barely visible in the mist but the upside was the strong tailwind gave me a flying start and I reached my destination in 3 hrs! The first venue was Penair School and great to be recognised on arrival by some of the kids with 'there's the Olympianist'!


Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

We are on our way to Land's End!

The weather is glorious today but tomorrow's forecast is atrocious! In at the deep end at Land's End!


Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

We have raised almost £4000 already for our charities - thank you to everyone who has given generously. Our target is £20,000, so to translate the amount we have raised to a position on the map between Land's End and John O'Groats, we are still down in Portland! Help us to keep going and reach our goal in John O'Groats - click on the Donate page to sponsor the Olympianist.

Hello everyone sorry I haven't blogged in a while - I have been fitting in training and practicing to every second of the day!

I have had totaled over 3000 miles in the last 3months and am feeling very fit - no injuries or colds, touch wood! I had a big day a few weeks ago in the Lakes at 123km which took me over Kirkstone pass; I also did Wrynose pass 2 times as well as Hardknott - the steepest of the lot at a 1in3 gradient - 3 times in 3 days! All these mountain passes have stood me in good stead to tackle any meager southern bumps that will block my path to John O'Groats. So psychologically I am feeling Herculean!

Canondale Synapse

Posted by: Anthony Hewitt

Very grateful to Wheelbase Cycles in Kendal for supplying me with the very comfortable Canondale Synapse carbon bike for my tour. Great guys at Wheelbase and the country's largest cycling shop.

Snowy Surrey

Posted by: Anthony

It's important to keep up the training routine regardless of the weather. Riding in the snow is a bit like skiing on the road. Who says we can't ride over ice?

Click here for a video of me cycling in the snow

My New Site

Posted by: Anthony

My new personal web-site went live about 20 minutes ago. Click here